Rashtriya Military School Ajmer


With the tremendous developments in the field of education and educational infrastructure, the Rashtriya Military Schools too have developed their infrastructural facilities to match the best available. State-of-art equipments and buildings are slowly augmenting the existing facilities. The Schools offer the best facilities of residential public schools with all the amenities made available to the Cadets.

The Daily routine of the Rashtriya Military Schools have come to establish themselves as important traditions of the schools. While the day is planned so as to get the Cadets to live an active campus-life due heed is also paid to have ample scope for rest, leisure and individual time.

Availability of good infrastructure in consonance with aims and objectives of the institution plays a vital role in creating a conducive and empowering learning environment and is a sine qua non for a residential school to attain its laid down objectives.
Further, the infrastructure requirements are dynamic and keep evolving with changing needs and aspirations from black boards to smart class rooms for one. Befitting architecture has an equally important place in not only creating the right ambience but also to conform to the needs of aesthetics and local climatic environment.

The teaching and learning process becomes not only more effective but also Interesting when the content having 2D/3D animation use with digital tools.A classroom environment that fosters excellence and motivates students towards better performance. Such classrooms is aesthetically designed and integrated with smart boards and well-furnished desks. With technological support, the skilled teachers provide guidance to each individual. This will lays emphasis on making every classroom session interesting and interactive. In RMS Ajmer, 14 Class Room size 500 sq feet. 01 Model Class room 100 sq feet equipped with Smart White board, Touch Screens installed with interactive projector, Sound system and a digital presenter such as interwrite pads, Digital Podium , Digital Visualiser and Internet enabled desktop or laptop. 5KVA Online UPS with 60 minutes battery backup.

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