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National Defence Academy (NDA)

The school aims to send as many cadets as possible to the NDA and yet must ensure that their performance in the Board exams is high to enable them to secure a seat in a good college/institution of their choice. Avery fine balance has therefore to be maintained between the allotment of prioirties, time and the effort required to be put in by the staff and the cadets for each of these important mile stones in the cadets’ lives. Cadets who do not make it to the NDA, join the Defence Services through other available streams, such as the CDS, OTA and the Air Force and Naval Academies

The rich tradition and heritage of the School has served to be a driving force in providing a steady stream of cadets to NDA and other training establishments such as IMA and OTA. A sizeable number of cadets have reached higher echelons in the tri services. The senior most rank in the Armed Forces attained by cadets of Military School Ajmer is ‘Lt Gen’ (Army Cdr) and many are in the rank of Maj General and Brigadier. These Officers are rendering distinguished service in war and in peace and are recipients of many awards.

This School is conscious of the new challenges put forth with the advancement in science, technology and the contemporary standards in every walk of life. Incessant efforts are made in pursuit of all round excellence.

The National Defence Academy (NDA) is the joint services academy of the Indian Armed Forces, where cadets of the three services, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force train together before they go on to respective service academies for further pre-commissioning training. The NDA is located in Khadakwasla, Pune, Maharashtra. It is the first tri-service academy in the world.

Since the foundation of the school in 1930 and its astounding journey of 87 years, RMS Ajmer has achieved a lot by producing good Indian citizens who have made significant contribution in nation building through their commendable leadership and actions in different fields. Since it is primarily a nursery of scholastic leadership with the explicit aim of preparing the cadets to become Armed Forces Officers, it has molded and inspired the young cadets in a manner which has resulted in the selection of over 750 cadets as commissioned officers, of which, 81 rose to become Brigadiers or equivalent officers in the three services; 21 Major Generals and 8 Lt Generals, one of whom was Army Commander Northern Command (Lt Gen BS Jaswal, PVSM, AVSM, VSM*).

Amongst those who aspired to join the civil services five ex boys joined the Indian Foreign Service, wherein one is the serving High Commissioner of Ghana; five joined IAS, of which Mr Gajendra Haldia became Finance Secy, Mr KM Sahni Chief Secy of Delhi and one Divisional Commissioner. Three boys joined the IPS, of which one is a serving National Security Advisor (Mr Ajit Doval, KC) and other the ex DG ITBP.

he school is proud of its brave officers who have most gallantly performed their duty in defending the country from both, external aggression and internal turmoil. Many of them have been awarded for their exceptional courage, sacrifice and gallant actions and in some cases for their supreme sacrifice. Five Vir Chakra, One Kirti Chakra, one UYSM, one YSM and 18 Sena Medals are testimony of their brave actions of keeping the nation safe and protected for it to progress and prosper. In the process, eight of its ex-boys have been martyred in battle field and operational areas but have ensured that the faith of their countrymen on the defence forces should not sway even at the cost of their death.

Steps Undertaken to Improve the NDA Results

Preparatory Steps

  1. Early return of prospective candidates from the summer vacations.
  2. Early commencement of NDA preparatory classes.
  3. Extra coaching classes are held during the evenings and night.

Faculty and Preparation

  1. Expert faculty is outsourced for Mathematics & GAT paper.
  2. Conduct of mock tests twice a week.
  3. Early completion of CBSE Maths Syllabus.
  4. More emphasis on Maths, English and Science for NDA preparation.
  5. Extensive use of Language Lab for improvement of communication skills.
  6. Practice on Sample Papers

Development of the Personalities of the Candidates

  1. Inculcation of military ethos, traditions and etiquettes among the candidates.
  2. Motivational visit to army establishments, Officers’ Messes.
  3. Identification and regular counselling of weak performers.
  4. Regular interaction by the Principal with the aspiring cadets.

Involvement of the Parents and Teachers
Regular PTMs are held for maximum involvement of the parents. Performance of the cadets is discussed between parents and respective subject teachers

Personality Development Oriented Activities

  1. Cadets are encouraged to become self–aware, to shed off their inhibitions and explore the world of knowledge so that they could easily traverse the treacherous path of growth conveniently and convincingly. Digital assemblies, frequent participation andstage deliveries have exposed the cadets to the fullest to the arena of Co-Curricular Activities where they are constantly striving to improve their talents. The school gives the impressionable young boys a feel of a lifestyle in the Armed Forces that awaits them. They live a life of camaraderie, discipline, adventure and closeness to the nature and if, after seven years here, they feel that it is the life they want to lead, the school would have done a good job.
    Obstacle Course

  2. Based on the design and concept of an alumni and ex GTO of a Services Selection Board, an Obstacle Course (GTO Tasks and Individual Obstacles) was constructed adjacent to the Library and Info Complex through the Annual Training Grant in 2013-14. This has facilitated in conducting the preparatory classes for the aspirants.

SSB Training by Serving Officers and Georgians
SSB training for candidates qualified in written exam is given by both, the serving and retired officers, who have had an exposure in the Services Selection Boards. Similar guidance is provided by qualified Psychologists.Since English Communication is an integral part of all round personality; the school focuses on improving the communication skills of the cadets.


  • NDA ENGLISH - Mr V N Purohit (Ex Teacher Master Gazetted English)

  • Psychologist(TO) - Maj Joshi Shriram

  • GTO - Col Surendra Nath

  • GTO Psychologist - Col MP Singh

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